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Self-care plans, the Happier You!

What is self-care?

Self-care plans go beyond our daily monotony. It helps us feel whole and rejuvenated. Sometimes the best way to practice this is through relaxation meditation and routines. They both can help you feel more relaxed and recharged.

Sometimes self-care happens outside of the house. These things can be getting pampered or hanging out with friends are a bar or restaurant. Even going to your favorite sports game can be self-care.

Most people like a healthy mix of indoor and outdoor self-care activities to be in their self-care plans.

Self-care is whatever you need, to feel yourself again. It is simply about being kind to yourself and showing yourself the same love you give others.

What matters is you find what works for you and roll with it. In the beginning, self-care plans can be hard to maintain. Remember consistency is key!

Who struggles with self-care today?

Men and women alike struggle with self-care. Sometimes it is hard to figure out what we need for a good self-care plan. For some relaxation, meditation will help while others like calming teas.

Self-care is not a one size fits all. What is important is finding what helps you feel recharged and rejuvenated. My husband finds his escape in video games, while I find mine in writing and mediation.

Our self-care plans lie farther than or retreats. They lie within our routines, within the steps we might not enjoy but find necessary. We thrive on consistency, and yet it something we all struggle with.

Self-care plan

Self-care within our routines.

Morning and night routines are crucial for everyone. They let our bodies and minds know when it is time to wake up and wind down. It doesn’t matter what yours looks like, as long as they are consistent.

Teeth brushing and medications can be in either morning and night. Setting the coffee pot or packing a lunch would be great to add to a nightly routine. These routines help us communicate with our bodies and prepare them for what will happen next.

I would suggest starting with routines when it comes to setting up your own self-care plan. During my nightly routine, I like some calming tea either with chamomile or lavender along with relaxation meditation.

My morning routine always has a shower and coffee. I don’t like to add any recreational self-care to these routines. Keeping them simple is always best for consistency.

Recreational self-care

For me recreational self-care is anything that you enjoy doing that will help you escape the day and relieve stress. Like writing, reading, video games, anything outside the house.

Hobbies are a good way to help feel recharged as long as the hobbies remain entertaining. Once they start feeling like a chore, the feeling of release is gone. So if you’re like me, it’s good to switch it up.

I get moments where nothing is better than a good book. Set up some candles, a hot bath, and dive into a book. Follow the adventure and let your body relax.


What does a self-care plan look like for you

it looks like putting yourself first. We are taught to always put others before ourselves. Women more so than men, however, you can’t care for others when you are drained.

If you take the time to care for yourself, you will be able to have the time to care for others. Self-care doesn’t have to take long either. Relaxation meditation can take 5-10 minutes a day.

If we can find the time to brew coffee in the morning and enjoy that cup, why couldn’t we make a cup of calming tea at night to help us wind down?

A lot of the times it is the little things that will keep our tanks filled. Taking that relaxing bubble bath may have to happen weekly or monthly but that mediation, reading, tea, and routines can happen daily.

So take a minute and think about how your days look. Can you find 15-20 minutes for yourself? Your self-care plan will look different than mine. Now is the time to learn what your plan looks like.

Reclaim who you are and who you are meant to be. Spread the care you can provide for others by first taking care of yourself.

Where to start

What I want you to do now is grab that piece of paper and start with writing down the things you love to do. Next, I want you to assign them a level of priority. This will tell you when ones need to happen more often.

Pick one or two small ones to start daily. After some time if you wish to add more to your daily you can. The important thing is to start small to build that consistency.

Your smaller priority ones can be things you do every once in a while, like weekly or monthly. Some items will rank high in priority that will not need to be done daily, schedule them accoridngly.

comment below and let me know how your self-care plan is going!!

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  1. Meri Meri November 11, 2020

    Beautiful post…Self-Care can be so many things depending on the individual…it’s like the self-care one needs, is the balance that they are missing, it’s the piece that brings them back in harmony.

    • Goodnight to Bad Habits Goodnight to Bad Habits November 12, 2020

      Yes! Self care is something so personal. I think it’s also always evolving because the second I think mines perfect, it changes.

    • Goodnight to Bad Habits Goodnight to Bad Habits March 26, 2021

      Thank you! I think it is very important to recognize that men and women can feel a lot of the same feelings. Even though we seem to go through many different things.

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