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The Pursuit of Happiness is Money Helping?

Last updated on November 2, 2020

What have we learned about money?

We see it all the time, with the magazines and ads floating around everywhere. This entices us to spend money we don’t have, in our pursuit of happiness. instead of living with simplicity, we live with abundance. Buying the latest phone, gaming system, the newest trends; you get the temporary euphoric high! Is that happiness?

Today, we live in a time with more options, bigger spaces, and wanting more. We are wired from a young age to compare our lives to others and either has the same stuff or bigger, better items. We are constantly telling ourselves, “I just need to make more money”, thinking that more will solve our woes.

I believe the problem is, we are thinking of money in the wrong way. I say this because if you look in the past, people still weren’t as happy as what we thrive to be. This is because they lived in a completely different world. They had different everyday struggles.

Is what we have now enough?

We have electricity, stronger houses, more food options, everything we could ever imagine. They heated their houses with fires, had to see by candlelight, and ate what they could grow. The way They lived back then, was more abundant than we live now.

Each moment has its drawbacks and struggles. Theirs was more physical, where ours is more mental and emotional. With more options, everything at our fingertips, there is higher depression and anxiety. If money was the answer to our pursuit of happiness, why are we all so sad?

We are chasing that euphoric high in an attempt to fill a hole and hoping that once we finally get enough stuff, the euphoric happiness will stay. So, can money buy happiness?

Pursuit of happiness

Money can make you happy!

My answer to that is yes, but not in the way we have been taught. We have simple needs, that when met, can bring immense joy and happiness. The problem today is that we are taught that success is what we need in our pursuit of happiness when that isn’t true. We are primal and simple creatures.

If we struggle with basic everyday needs, we will struggle in our pursuit of happiness. There is a fine line on how much happiness money can bring. The trick is finding that line and working with it. Going below that line could have a more negative impact than going above it, however.

What we truly need

We need food, shelter, personal connection, simplicity, and entertainment. Our food needs to come from the earth, whether you are vegetarian or not. Today we have many processed options available to us. The earth can provide everything we need from the animals to the plants, from the minerals to the vitamins. We enjoy food, some even call themselves foodies but does food bring us happiness?

Shelter needs to be comfortable and safe. We need the structure to be strong and secure. Some crave fancy homes, while others crave simplicity. The home is where the heart is, our homes can bring us happiness as well. At home, we can be comfortable and vulnerable. Our home is our sanctuary, but we don’t treat it like one.

Entertainment helps challenge us while passing the time. You have games, movies, books, concerts, reading, hobbies, outdoor activities, so much more. With the options being almost endless, it may seem impossible to complicated. This is not the case; we don’t need to choose them all just because they are available.

Our connections fill the needs of being accepted. The people we keep around us have the same interests and values. They challenge us to grow and be better and share in our hopes and fears. These connections can sustain happiness longer than money ever will.

living with simplicity

Find you own Simplicity

Simplicity is a challenge in and of itself. What is simple for one will not be simple for another. Simplicity ties into our needs and not our wants. What do we need to live the lives we want? Do we need every gadget associated with that hobby? Simplicity ties every aspect of our lives together.

If we could learn to think of money as a simple tool rather than a way of life, we can find happiness. Just like the pliers or pan can only do so much and are meant to be used for what they were created for. Money can only do so much for us and if we start to use it, the way it was meant, happiness isn’t too far away.

So what’s the next step?

Find what really makes you happy! Dig deep and look past “keeping up with the Jones'” What works for one, won’t work for another. Some people find their happiness in true minimalism. Living with all their items fitting in two duffle bags. Others are happy with extensive wardrobes and make up.

Where will your path lead you? Start by looking within and then working without. Maybe work through your house and get rid of what doesn’t make you happy. May find your way through nature and explore what the world has to offer.

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Let me know what you think about happiness and money?


  1. Darcy Ziegler Darcy Ziegler October 31, 2020

    You are so right! Chasing money will not make you happy!

  2. Paul Paul November 2, 2020

    I have found that when you find something you are passionate about and go after it, the money naturally follows. It comes with being connected to those around you and being of value. Great article!

    • Goodnight to Bad Habits Goodnight to Bad Habits November 3, 2020

      Thank you!! I totally agree, it is when we focus on our happiness and where the next new thing is coming from is when it all happens.

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